OSD600 Plan for 0.3 Release

For this blog, I will be explaining my current plan for the 0.3 release of my osd600 course. For this release, I will need to create 3 pull requests, either 2 requests for Seneca projects and 1 pull request for a repository outside of Seneca, or vice versa, 1 Seneca request and 2 external request.

For my current plan, I am going to attempt to work on a creative collaboration writing game web app that allows multiple people to play a game where they take turns writing a story, with each player entering a certain amount of words until it reaches the end. The current repository is located here, with the owner as one of the students in the class. Our current plan is to examine a framework, boardgame.io, that is used for board games and determine a way to extract what we need to implement our creative writing game. I may also take on some issues within the framework as a way to both complete a pull request and learn more about the framework at the same time.

I may also attempt to complete an issue that I took during Hacktoberfest, trying to implement clickable url within a Webchat repository that allows deploying a bot straight to a website, Recast.AI Webchat. I did not have enough time to work on it during Hacktoberfest and would like to see if it is possible to finish it now. I have finally managed to get the Webchat up and running on my computer, and just need to determine what changes are necessary to add in clickable url, since there is no clear sign of where to implement it. It would definitely take some time trying to figure out where I would need to put in the new implementation, so I’ll have to take a look when I get the chance.

This is my current plan for what I am going to do for this release. I am not certain whether I will create 2 external or 2 Seneca pull request, I will have to see over time.

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