OSD600 Creative Writing Game Pull Request

For this blog post, I will be working on making changes to the repository that the students of our class has made, for a story writing game app that allows multiple people to collaborate on a story, with each player taking turns. The current repository, Creative-Collab, is rather sparse, with a barely functional app that has almost no features. I plan to work on creating the CONTRIBUTING.md page, issue #15, because no one else will be able to work on the app unless they know how to contribute, so someone has to take the mantle of figuring out how it works.

So, I forked the repository and cloned it onto my computer. Then I tested the app on my computer. I ran the code npm install from within the directory and then npm start to run the app. The app worked fine, so I used the boardgame.io document as a outline and created a Contributing doc with what I used to run the app. The creator of the repository informed me on what version of node that they are using to run the app, so I included that as the minimum requirement for the Node install. I also made some changes to the Readme on the commands needed to run the app.

So I created a pull request to the original repository for the new Contributing doc and Readme, pull request #16. One of the contributors asked for some minor changes to the documents, like changing some of the wording, and after making the changes, the pull request was accepted into the repository.

While the issue I dealt with seems small in scale, I believe that it was an incredibly important one to deal with early on. Without someone completing it, no one would be able to work on the code, as they would most likely not know what to do to even start up the app, whether there are specific commands to run, or the environment they need to be in. I hope that my changes lead to everyone else being able to work on the code without getting confused on how to get started on the work.

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